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    Scientific research
      Innovation is the source of electrical energy for survival and development, we invest 3% of sales revenue for the technological transformation and innovation, "on innovation" for the development of electric power system has brought vitality.
    We have a special organization for scientific research, professor level senior engineer, engineers more than 20 people, and with the domestic scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions maintain close cooperation.
    Our company adhere to market-oriented, constantly improve the technological level of products, and gradually in the product structure, technological innovation in the forefront of the domestic. We use Solid-works comprehensive three-dimensional mapping software, improve the design level and speed, with the formation of the product structure, market at the same time, absorb advanced technology at home and abroad and the integration of resources, build a pluralistic framework of cooperation platform.
    Voice communication system device
    Transformer interior door invention patent
    Rivet Pull Switch Cubicle
    Movable Terminal Block Bracket
    low Voltage Switch Cabinet of Drawer Model
    Comb-shaped Wire Clamp Convergence
    Combined JP Cabinet
    Capacitor Cabinet
    Box Changes Utilization Door
    Amorphous Alloy Transformer
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