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    Talent strategy


    My company to cast a hundred years brand as the goal, in order to meet therapid development of the company's talent as a means, adhere to the concept of innovation, system innovation, and create a fair, just, open atmosphere for employees. Set up a mechanism to realize their full potential, providing a fullyself realization of the value development space for employee.

    To improve staff skills through internal communication, exchange, researchand collaboration; for the training of staff quality, adapt to the enterprise and social development, to provide staff fully learning opportunities through the establishment of a learning organization; provide design occupation career for the staff, according to adapt to development of their respective.

    In accordance with the performance appraisal system of scientific planningcompensation and employee benefits, through the establishment and improvement of effective long-term incentive mechanism, attract the best talentto join the company, construction company dormitory, solve a single staff accommodation.

    Employees with their own talent and hard work, have the opportunity to getpromotion, through the establishment of competitive mount guard system,gradually to remove most of the R & D, production, marketing, administration and management posts through open competition for talent, opportunities are fair; cadre promotion is not limited to financial strength, level, the promotionof special ability or special contributor, demotion, transfer or the implementation of policies on the incompetent cadres; through strict management assessment system for all employees of appraisal, on the left,capable, Yongzhe, poor go.