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    Address:Shouguang in Shandong Bohai South Road No. 1757
    Zip code:262700
    Sales Hotline:0536-5189666 5189812 5189805
    Fax:0536-5189999 5189669
    Technical service:0536-5189611 5189612 5189613
    After-sale service:0536-5189779
    Service commitment
    Service concept

    Your idea, I came to realize "to a large intelligent substation construction from a small electrical products, as long as your demand, the remaining let us do. We will from the initial planning design and solutions, medium-term project construction (product) to provide full service one-stop to late after sale service for you.

    Service commitment


    Pre-sales service commitment

    1, to provide professional consulting. We guarantee to answer any technicalquestions you may have in 24 hours. To help you understand the professional and technical knowledge of product, confirm your needs, for your design andto provide complete solutions.

    2, to provide detailed information. We ensure that the 24 hours you need all technical data posted.

    3, reasonable quotation. We guarantee the reasonable quotation for you in 24 hours to products.

    4, to provide the reception. We guarantee the reception your visit at any time,and provide various conveniences you required for inspection of your work.

    Sale service commitment

    1, we guarantee that no matter the contract size, quality, and quantity tostrictly enforce the provisions of the contract.

    2 according to the provisions of the contract, we guarantee to provide you with the delivery, installation, debugging, training and other services.

    3, we ensure the technical agreement signing your requirements closely,science "".

    After sale service commitment

    1, after receiving a phone call, ten minutes to give you an answer, arrived at the scene 2 hours commitment within the province city, arrived at the scenewithin 12 hours, arrived at the scene outside the province within 24 hours.

    2, to adopt your views on the quality of the products, and timely improvement.

    3, to guide the installation debugging, to provide free on-site training for you.

    Our quality commitment: "free repair 1 years, lifelong maintenance". In the future, we will as in the past to three service concept. Namely: pre-saletechnical information provided professional advisory products, detailed and thewarm and thoughtful reception; to provide a comprehensive system of products and technical training in sale, customer service to provide various regions throughout the country and timely products and technical services.