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On-load Capacity Regulating and Voltage Regulating Transformer State
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On-load Capacity Regulating and Voltage Regulating Transformer State

 On-load capacity regulating transformer has two capacity of gear size stalls. According to the change of load in power It can automatically adjust the capacity without power off. When the load is light or close to no-load,the transformer will run from large capacity to small capacity to realize the goal of energy saving and intelligent,not only reducing the no-load loss,but also overcome the trouble of man operating when the power is off.The product is especially suitable for large variations in seasonal load of rural power grids, day and night load changes significantly residential areas, street lights, downtown business zone, part-time industrial areas and distribution transformer oil field pumping units.Also it is suitable for large load changes of 35kV power transformers.

Working Principle:

The principle of On-load capacity regulating transformer is realized by the high voltage winding star-delta(Y-D) connection and low voltage winding series-parallel conversion.The changes of the high voltage winding connection and transformation and low voltage winding in series&parallel is automatically operated through control system controlling load capacity switch.When large capacity changes to small capacity, due to the increase of the low voltage number of turns, the core flux density is greatly reduced, making the unit of silicon steel sheet loss less, no-load loss and no-load current is reduced, achieve the goal of loss reduction and energy saving.


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