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The song
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Experience of enterprise development, to folk song duet form to show the development process Juneng electrical to everyone.

And: development!

Juneng electric courage, we firmly holds together, let it wind waves andinsurance.


Heard Juneng electrical good, I want to discuss today, if you really like it, I'm here Taobao amoy.

 I sigh

Juneng electric around a circle, the environment here is not in general,reasonable layout and health, like a big garden.

 ask Comrade

Heard that the electrical great, today personally here, understand the company of my heart a little doubt, solution.

"Listen to my words

Juneng Electric has today, don't forget the level wise off, see the toweringoffice buildings, look at the style of the four workshop.

Also has its own engineering team, installation and test all, electricityproduction and processing, company all sweep.

 hear people say

Electrical didn't how, only a small workshop, a single product yield is low, the staff has the famine.

 you lay

Electrical predecessor switch factory, has created a brilliant, product patents,the world gold medal.

 is such

Electrical had brilliant, quality reputation to keep up, when a thought, a largeworkshop today?

 tell you

The great development of Shouguang industry, electric power industry shallfirst, to drive the trend of the front, establish electrical industrial park.

 was moved to the South

Connaught large plant several, not too many orders, products of a singleequipment old, how to seek greater development?


Leader cadre wise off, looking for known partners, Multi-National Corporation A B B, will take the enterprise idea.

Staff drive unprecedented rise, great strides towards the front, productdiversification, the company benefit has turned.

 that year

The financial storm swept, many enterprises face paralysis, can not help but ask our company, how to make this bridge.

 do not panic

Financial storm blew a, thanks to our early prevention, everyone together andcooperation, build the wall.

The first local markets, domestic and foreign well-known to the storm, head low, Juneng electric more brilliant.

 that night

Power supply company to withdraw, Juneng electric can not escape therobbery, to enable enterprises to gain a firm foothold, how to find goodsolutions.

 not afraid

The new leadership courage big, cost control first catch, performanceadvantage, so the potential digging.

The internal market insurance firm, expand external markets, and concentricdevelopment, the development platform.

 it is high

Today we have discussed, electricity to know, the company is willing to strive, Iwish?

 welcome you

As long as you have a long, the company is able to contribute force moment,electric gate open, we create brilliant together.

And: wish

Great strides towards the front, make concerted efforts to start production,meet the brilliant tomorrow.

Hope tomorrow

Tomorrow is another new challenges, we must tighten string, push aside all obstacles and difficulties bravely forward.

The quality department Yan Qinliang

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