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Hiconics subsidiary received government funded 10000000 yuan
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    Hiconics (300048) 23 days of evening bulletin, the company has a wholly owned subsidiary of hiconics Technology (Wuhan) Limited company receivedgovernment grants 10000000 yuan, has been allocated to the capital account.

Wuhan Hekang received in January 23, 2013 the Hubei province development and Reform Commission issued a "forwarding of national development and Reform Commission on 2013 resource conservation and environmental protection projects reply notice", which "office document," the national development and Reform Commission will Wuhan Hekang inverterindustrialization projects included in the national development and Reform Commission resource conservation and environmental protection projects,obtain 10000000 yuan investment in the central budget. The government subsidy to the government grants related to assets, according to regulations will be recognized as deferred income, since the long-term assets are available for use, in accordance with the expected long-term assets of the period of use,the deferred income average allocation into profit or loss for the current period(operating income), gradually manifested in the profit or loss. The company will strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state nationalsubsidy funds.

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