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ABB releases new high voltage electrical equipment consolidate the advantages of compound
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 In December 11, 2013, Zurich Switzerland -- group power and automation technology leading ABB today launched 420000 volts (kV) high pressurecompound combined electrical equipment, to further expand the product scope of supply and consolidated in the field of technology leadership. This is convenient for prefabricated 420kVPASS unit module delivery and rapid installation of belonging to the ABB PASS (plug and switch system) high pressure compound combined electrical equipment.

The latest ABB 420kVPASS unit circuit breaker, isolating switch, grounding switch and current and voltage transformer module in a body. In order tomaximize savings products in the field installation and debugging time, this product still adhere to the factory pre installed and complete the inspectionprinciple. The development of this product, the continuation of the simple,safe and innovative design principles to ensure its high voltage bushing from the working position rotary to the transport position, and this process iscompletely reversible, only 30 seconds in the operating process of each sleeve pipe..

The compact design of PASS module, to ensure that the open type gas insulated switchgear compared with the same voltage level, the occupation area of the equipment reduced by more than 50%.

Because of all the active components of the equipment are insulated, contact device so no need to periodically clean the switchgear, the rest of the necessary maintenance work can be carried out in the running state of the equipment, without any interruption of service. This will undoubtedly improve the equipment reliability and availability, while reducing maintenance time andmaintenance cost of equipment.

With the launch of the new 420kVPASS unit, voltage grade PASS productseries has been covered by 72.5kV to 420kV, short-circuit breaking currentcapacity to cover the 31.5kA to 63kA range. In addition to the standardsolution, a particular solution called PASSM0H as a single, complete sets ofproducts to provide "set of PASS module H" configuration of the solutions for customers.

"High pressure composite various combinations ABB provides solutions to meet the different needs of customers, to launch this compact and high reliability of the 420kVPASS products of ELK type composite switch technology makes up our existing GIS based derivative of the problem," ABB globalpressure products business unit responsible person Lv Weidi said: "innovationdesign of this new product to high voltage switchgear module productstransportation easier, more convenient installation."

High voltage switch equipment with voltage level from 50kV to 1200kV powerswitching, control and protection in power network operation.

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