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Happiness is to eat together with their family
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Looking for her to go to the students home over the weekend, a door only to find the couple was having dinner. At that time, is already one thirty in the afternoon, had a meal time. The students said: "the husband went out to do something, just come back!" I said that you can now eat? Students said, I'mokay, he a piece to eat! A person to eat more boring.

I will laugh at her: "I had to?" Students will chuckle: "a person to eat, that isto eat, two people together to eat the lunch, of course not the same!"

First heard the dinner and said. Think of some fresh, it seems her romanticlife is everywhere, even to eat this kind of things, can also be her happiness and not to eat.

The students laugh: "of course, happy to eat it than to eat better!"

I never thought so much, have three meals a day to eat together with lover,but recently, I'm on a diet, dinner, I always hid den to the Internet, leaving thehusband a person eat in the dining room.

Remember a few times, husband always advised me what to eat, I said no.!Don't pull my leg, good is not a decision, don't give me sabotage. Sometimesthe husband also said: "a person to eat what you mean! Let's eat some!" Ialso don't hesitate, and determined to: "eat their own, a person eating two people eat also is not the same food".

Husband said so a few times, see I was adamant, will no longer call me. Now,people also feel that a person to eat, only eat, not happy to eat.

Think of my mother, always at that time my father went out to work, the nightcome back later, my brother and I always cried to eat, but my mother alwayscooked in the pot Erevan, refused to eat, again said to us: "endure again,when your father comes home to eat together," we say first, we have to leave my father is your father, mother does not agree, outside a busy day, whatcan let him eat it, a joy that is eating dinner.

We will often shout hungry, mother will hold a little porridge from the pot to us: "the first pad, eat less, wait your father back to dinner."

Want to come now, mom said, eat a happy, that is to eat, they are classmates say happy meal!

Suddenly, in a book to see a sentence: "happiness, happiness is actually very simple, just to have dinner with you, even the homely fare too sweet"!

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