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The central division to carry out "hydropower mining operations"
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This year, the cumulative surplus Sichuan Hydropower of cross provincialtrading 26200000000 kwh of electricity, increase of 200000000 kW over the previous year, a record. Among them, the cross transmission power of 19100000000 kW, area consumption 7100000000 kwh. Chongqing surplushydropower trans provincial transmission trading 150000000 kwh electricity.Thanks to --

Highlight the advantages of UHV transmission

Annual hydropower installed capacity and power grid structure is a newdevelopment. This year, be in good Sichuan Hydropower, Central Division ofthe China State Grid Corp before the coming flood season over two "kan".The first "kan" is Sichuan Hydropower sent, by bayonet end grid. Second"kan" is the central area of Sichuan and Chongqing tie line transmissioncapacity constraints.

At the end of 2012, according to the operation situation of central China power grid, the central division of the Sichuan Province Electric Power Companyjointly with the state network, actively reflect Sichuan Hydropower consumptionproblem to the company headquarters, put forward to strengthen the sendingpower grid planning, improve the supporting network reconstruction, improve the complex Feng, Jin Su UHV DC power transmission from Sichuan Provincechannel transmission power limit in advance of the transmission channel,maintenance, flat water in advance of delivery, the reservoir water level, isthe company headquarters to adopt.

In the flood season comes, the company headquarters to the Sichuan power grid and East China power grid renovation end, the complex in the DC transmission power limit by the year 4000000 kilowatts to 6400000 kilowatts,Jin Su DC transmission power limit from the original estimate of 4000000kilowatts up to 5800000 kilowatts, to lay a solid foundation for the SichuanHydropower stations.

The central division of the Sichuan and northwest, East China regional power transmission channel, through the national electric power market trading platform, according to the transmission channel capacity, the large cross regional distribution of hydropower station transmission power and annualregional delivery trading plan basis, by increasing short-term trading, theSichuan trans regional transmission channel to maintain large power longdelivery.

In July 3, 2013, the complex in UHV DC to the full power of 6400000 kilowatts,to reach 14400000 kilowatts maximum power sent to Sichuan Hydropower,following the June breakthrough 12000000 kilowatts, a new record high. In July 21st, Sichuan transmission power is a historical breakthrough 16000000 kilowatts, to reach 16460000 kilowatts, exceeding the maximum value nearly half of 2012. Among them, fed by the complex in, Jin Su two special high-voltage direct current transmission channel hydroelectric power to send 70%,transmission advantage of UHV long distance, large capacity has been fully embodied.

Valley hydropower has "big space"

This year, Sichuan valley hydropower inter provincial electricity trade reached 1200000000 kwh, to reach 1000000 kilowatts of power supply during the whole flood season average lows.

Hydropower, although it is a green power, but its consumption is not easy.This year the central region average utilization hours of thermal power has been increased, but the overall level is low. Because of coal prices, generatinghigher profits, the power generation enterprises desire is strong, and willinevitably squeeze hydropower power space. In order to get the net thermal power enterprise's understanding, central China power trading center andrelevant trading center as a "hydropower character", actively and the electricity generation enterprise communication and coordination, narrow thegeneration schedule deviation between the thermal power plant, improve the quality of service level, at the same time to absorptive hydropower supportrelated government departments and central China area the electricity regulatory institution, dig out the valley hydropower "big space".

But in electricity demand off peak period, for hair level stability, power marketcompetition and other factors, hydropower priority is not the primary principle oflarge power grid. Hydropower is not good in valley period, but every year tomake use all one's skill reduces the power waste water.

"Mine action": before the flood season to carry out the inter provincial powertrading, early drawdown level. Sichuan power grid in high water period for the May 26th ~ October 25th, in Sichuan power transmission is from entering high water period, but this year in order to advance to cut off the water level of the reservoir, to reduce disposable water loss, the central division of planning andcoordination of the Sichuan Hydropower flat water in advance of delivery.Since May 14th, Sichuan trough 800000 kW hydropower by Chongqingchannel began sending, Sichuan Hydropower outgoing transactions 12 days earlier than planned time, realize trading 243000000 kwh electricity.

"Mine action" two: make full use of the channels, vigorously organize valleyhydropower inter provincial trade. The central division of the channeltransmission power limit according to the arrangement of inter provincial trade,national control center of power in Central China Center on the basis of this, in order to ensure Hong plate line trend not overload the principle of transactionreduction, to maximize the use of the channel, especially the low channelcapacity, the Sichuan provincial electricity trade reached the valleyhydropower 1200000000 kwh.

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