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Alternate tension with relaxation Chinese pen and sword Arts
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I understand the alternate tension with relaxation, the root is two words --harmony.

The proposed "alternate tension with relaxation, Chinese pen and sword arts"is mainly about the governance of the country. The rulers of governance the public to have a tight song, completely follow one's own inclination, The nation is in peril.; control too much death, people unbearable suffering, will rise up.Can also be used in the realistic society, especially in enterprise management.

Working in the workshop, work and rest is very important. If managers lightloose not tight, no work, no work efficiency; light tight not loose, workers asthat has been stretched strings, long and not loose lose toughness, ultimately did not work efficiency. In the natural production conditions, how to improve work efficiency has become the key of the competition among the enterprises.The management of the weight on the management on.

Our workshop director that does well, for example in a day's workarrangement, he will go to each team daily task, appropriate to give us somepressure, let us have a whole grasp to the tasks in the heart. In this way, wework in daytime will be reasonable to prepare, sometimes simple is to have finished the task and then do not work overtime at night. Just imagine, after a busy day of workers to work overtime at night, breathless haste, so the bodywill not be able to eat, the body is the capital of revolution. The director alsoknows this truth, so he will be in the day most of the time in the workshop"patrol", urge us to work, to just let everyone has a relatively relaxed resttime. In fact we switch handcart has not let the company down, every time isto finish the task on time, won the praise of senior leadership. Strike a proper balance between work and rest work with adequate rest remarkable.

In fact, any work in production reflects the details can be seen everywhere, for instance my monitor Guo Jinxue, as a senior teacher is also very understand this truth. In the usual director general arrangement after work, Guo Ban would call us together detailed division of labor. The Division also have learned, because our work is not immutable and frozen, there are various types of switch cabinet we need to complete, which of course is simple but also complex. Whenever this time, Guo Ban will use his long experience to assign the task, he would not have complex for skilled workers as high technology,will not always simple to just practice period not long after the operation workers, as skilled workers is too tight, too loose for workers, not conducive to improve the overall work efficiency. He will adjust the task allocation, giveworkers arrangement is relatively difficult point of the work, alleviate the labor intensity of a skilled workers, so that not only allow workers to learn new skills and knowledge, in the later work greatly share the burden of skilled workers,is very beneficial to the overall progress.

We usually have the same person, to understand the relaxation, relaxation,elastic moderate section and the advance and retreat, how to arrange a reasonable, timely allergic, Cliffide Flower can take temporary setbacks, selfservice. So that we can settle down, harmonious and stable live a well-off life.

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