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Schneider: opening a new blue ocean customized logistics business
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Global energy management expert Schneider electric for its strategic partners launched the global supply chain project customization, and in the OEMstrategic partnership of global business model of successful practice. The project according to the development status of production and demand of partners, tailored optimization of supply chain solutions, designed to help customers reduce inventory and the cost of capital, improve the purchasingand production efficiency, but also bring new impetus for Schneider electric,explore new business model in the red sea blue ocean.

In recent years, China automation blowing strong wind, "service" service is no longer the product pre-sale, after sale support, but become valuable"products". The most fundamental reason for this change comes from the change of market demand: due to intense competition, rising cost pressures,manufacturing enterprises have to focus on improving the core competitiveness, the centralized resource allocation in the core business,more and more enterprises tend to outsource or cooperative mode to realizethe value chain was the high cost of logistics business, to reduce inventory,reducing the size of the Department, cost savings. Service value has become increasingly prominent, the concept of users has been a revolutionary change.On the other hand, when Chinese automation market after entering the mature stage, the scale of stock market has become the new development opportunity, drive automation enterprises continuously improve "service"products, the new model to meet the actual needs of users, in order to get ahead in the new round of service competition.

Schneider Electric's global supply chain senior vice president Chinese Tang Mo (MouradTamoud) said: "the basic idea of Schneider Electric's globalsupply chain project is based on the customer value oriented, providingtailored to optimize the supply chain system solutions according to the customer's buying preferences, purchasing habits and specific requirementsfor design, supply plan, configuration the required product, provide a full life cycle service, so that customers more value-added experience. The partners and Schneider electric, helps to maximize their benefits, and ultimately achieve a win-win results."

Schneider electric customized supply chain project into four main patterns of supply chain according to the standard products, equipment, systems, spare parts classification, the different needs of customers based on, through a simple, convenient supply mode, and strives to help clients improvepurchasing and production flexibility, to ensure the coordination between supply chain, product production and sales, the the supply chain is a big advantage of its comprehensive competitiveness.

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