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AC metal ring net switch equipment
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AC metal ring net switch equipment

Our company HXGN 12 AC metal ring net switch equipment, built-in ABB,Denmark LK company or homemade pneumatic, gas or vacuum load switch,suitable for 12kV, 50Hz three-phase AC power supply system, widely used in the ring network power supply and power supply and terminal box type substation etc..

Main features:

HXGN-12 series ring network cabinet shell is made of steel plate bending,screw assembled metal closed structure. The cabinet body comprises 4 columns, the upper cover plate, bottom plate, a front panel, a back plate, a side plate. Load switch cabinet front doors for screw fixation of the upper and lower two; load switch fuse cabinet is 3 door panel. An observation window on the door, can observe the load switch and earthing switch position; between the cabinet and cabinet bus connected with an insulating protective sleeve.The top of the cabinet can according to user requirements, adding theinstrument box. Ring network cabinet installation load switch for compressed air, oil free non-toxic; equipped with manual, electric operation mechanism ofEnergy Agency, as the torsion spring storage has the advantages of simple structure, small operating force. Load switch, mechanical interlocking device is arranged between the grounding switch and the front panel, fully meet therequirements of the five plates, and the use of modular design, to meet a variety of terminal type and ring type user needs. Has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, maintenance free.

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