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Fixed metal enclosed switchgear
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Fixed metal enclosed switchgear

XGN2-12 indoor box type fixed metal closed switch equipment for 3, 6, 10kV three-phase AC 50Hz system as receiving and distribution of electricity, thebus system is a single line, and may derive the single busbar with bypass and dual bus structure. The main switch of the switch cabinet uses the ZN28-10 series vacuum circuit breaker, can be equipped with CD10 typeelectromagnetic operating mechanism, also can be equipped with CT8,CT17G, CT19B spring operating mechanism, the isolating switch adoptsGN30-10 rotary isolating switch and the GN22 - 10 type high current switch.Compared to the switch cabinet and GG-1A can meet the national standardGB3906-91 and the requirements of international standard IEC298, protection grade IP2X characteristics, and has "five anti" lockout feature

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