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The humanized management
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The so-called humanization management, is a kind of enterprise management in the whole process of full attention to human factors, in order to fully tap into the potential responsibility of management. As for the specific contents, can contain many elements, such as respect for the human person, the material and spiritual incentive enough, to provide various growth and development opportunities, focus on win-win strategy of enterprise and individual, develop their career planning etc..

Had little exposure to the humanization of the word, even if is in the textbook,feel this concept and his very far away. Now it is different, left the campus, into the society, began to care about their future, for their own development alsomore and more heavy, because now everything is the foundation for a better future. After all, gradually from the family of independent development, need too much independence.

After graduation from the University in second days I would to Juneng electricalreport, arrived at a loss, what not to do, but as a contemporary universitygraduates, how can not fight! I began to study hard in the workshop and process technology. Gradually, I came into contact with the workshophumanistic scene. Remember when I pressed copper nose in manual crimping pliers at that time, relatively large workload, to tell the truth, pressure in thehands of the acid. This company deputy general Feng always walked by me,in front of my body down and asked me: "why not use pneumatic crimping pliers, so that labor and shorten the working time." I suddenly felt very warm,did not expect the company leadership so kindly care workshop employees,especially like our new student. Don't look down on this small action, how important it is for all of us, namely to soothe our lost soul, and taught how to work we can improve the work efficiency, is really a reflection of human nature.A company leadership understands the humanized management, under theleadership of his will to do so as "bright sword" Li Yunlong said -- a raging soldiers, the flaming nest. From then on, I am full of confidence for Junengelectrical.

In the later work really let me realize humanized management workshop. Herehave to mention our workshop director Yu Longhui's leadership, he is thehumanized management and real practice, believe in the workshop every staffhave the experience. Much do not say, they usually talk about things, in themost of the time, in a day in the workshop "patrol", which arrived, guide to which. Even some very simple process, he would patiently explain to you,especially to those of us arrived shortly students, this to us as soon as possible into the switch board workshop to help. He was always laughing, a lead frame is done not have, just like my elder brother, we feel his concern, the feeling when work is not so tired, more spirit to learn. He is very concerned about our lives, no matter how busy, plan to have more compact, he will be under great pressure to us for enough time to rest. Human is not a machine, not rest not only on the body is not good, but also greatly affect the efficiency of the work,wood workers Modaomen not mistaken, this is the truth.

The humanized management, there are many embodied, for example rewardtechnology improvement and innovators greater, with quarterly changes promptly give us the replacement of the appropriate work clothes, weeklyorganization watch those successful entrepreneurial history video and so on,let our staff has no time to be concerned. If you continue like this, we believe that company's take-off point the day and await for it. A thoroughly implement the human enterprise, do not think the success is difficult, I believe firmly!

Switch board workshop of Wang Bingqin

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