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High voltage wattless automatic compensation device (SJZ1)
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High voltage wattless automatic compensation device (SJZ1)

High voltage wattless automatic compensation device (SJZ1)


SJZ1 type high voltage wattless automatic compensation device, is my company for power users of complete sets of equipment without power compensation, the device is mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, device is the modular structure, make the whole device for assembling modular, standardization and normalization, the cabinet through abus system is arbitrary, expansion and maintenance easy maintenancecapacity. SJZ1 type high voltage wattless power compensation controller and SJZ1 type capacitor set microcomputer protection unit switch to realize automatic compensation by controlling the capacitor. Is the power systemachieve the advanced intelligent products.


1, Touchi: the standard configuration is composed of a high voltage capacitorreactance cabinet containing control part and a number of high voltagecapacitor anti tank assembly. High voltage capacitive reactance cabinet contains the control part by lightning arrester, high voltage disconnecting switch, current transformer, capacitor, inductor, switch, discharge coil, spray type fuse and controller, microcomputer protection unit. High voltage capacitive reactance cabinet is composed of capacitor, inductor, switch,current transformer, spray type fuse and discharge coil and other equipment,with independent protection and manual operation. Each high voltage capacitive reactance cabinet has a control room, the measurement, protectionand manual switching capacitor effect.

2, outdoor: frame fence type structure, can be removed net door fencearound the capacitors and reactors and other facilities, high temperature testbox, a maintenance channel with fences and equipment.

3, spray type fuse and capacitor in series, when the capacitor part series(50% ~ 70%) breakdown, fuse action, the station fault capacitor rapidly from the capacitor excision, prevent the expansion of the fault effectively.

4, discharge coil connected in parallel with the capacitor circuit, when acapacitor group from the power out of operation, can make the residual capacitor voltage in 5 seconds self rated peak voltage below 50V.

5, Zinc Oxide arrester is connected on the line, to limit the capacitors arecaused by over-voltage.

6, series reactor in series in the capacitor circuit, to limit the switchingharmonics in the capacitor group, reduce the inrush current. Series reactor reactance rate only for 0.1% to take the limit the inrush current limiting harmonic 1%, for more than 5 times, with 4.5% ~ 6%, for more than 3 timesharmonic suppression, select 12% ~ 13%.

7, reasonable structure design, heat, good dynamic stability, device is mainly used to display the charged state of the device charged display cabinet, and alock, window, has forced locking function; outdoor device enclosure, ensure the safety of operation and maintenance personnel.

8, the shape, color and line device, can be designed according to user requirements.

9, by using the SJZ1 high voltage wattless power compensation controller forcapacitor switching control, high degree of automation, measurement, display,control, communication and complete function, can according to the wattless power capacitors, automatic compensation of load without power, without manual intervention, the power factor is more than 0.95, automatically exit in the external fault or power failure, automatically resume operation after power transmission.

10, use SJZ1 type microcomputer protection unit for the protection of thecompensation device, with two phase current differential protection and open delta protection function. Fault each capacitor microcomputer protection unitresection and locking of the condenser, the normal operation of othercapacitors.

11, device allows operation at power 1.1 times of the rated voltage for a long time.

12, device allowed in due to the steady state value of 1.3 times the rated current overvoltage and over current harmonics caused by continuous operation.

13, the permanent magnetic vacuum switch, vacuum contactor or vacuumcircuit breaker as the capacitor switch. 14, has the function of "four remote".

15, the use of GPRS system, real-time monitoring of user device using thestate and system parameter, provided to the user remote service.

The main technical indicators

Executive standard: GB3983.2-89 GB7111-93 GB/T8980-1999 system rated voltage: 6KV, 10KV

Switching principle: voltage without power control

Power factor: PCC ≥ 0.95 assessment points

Comprehensive protection function: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent,overheating, loss of pressure, quick break protection

Alarm output: the sound and light alarm

Working conditions:

Operating temperature: -25~55 

Storage and transportation temperature: -40~85 

Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation

Altitude: not more than 1000M

Speed: <35m/s

Contamination grade: IV


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