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Low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation (SJVC)
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Low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation (SJVC)

Low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation (SJVC)


SJVC low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device of thyristor switched capacitor (TSC-THY, istor Switched Capacitor) type static wattless power compensation (SJVC) device, but no power device of intermittentadjustment of compensation device, using high power thyristor contactless switch composed of multistage capacitor group quickly without transition castcut, to overcome the traditional wattless power compensator adopts a mechanical point loss of capacitance, impact and other shortcomings, for various load can play a good compensation effect. The SJVC type dynamic wattless compensation device dynamic response speed (less than 20ms), has obvious energy saving effect, dynamic power factor compensation can reduce the loss, stabilize the load voltage transformer, increase the load capacity and other functions, is a new generation of wattless compensation field update.

Widely applied to the low power factor, voltage drop, the need for wattless power compensation occasions; the higher requirements for electric on voltage fluctuation and dynamic compensation; widely used in the industries of electric power, machinery manufacturing, automobile, metallurgy, shipbuilding, port,railway, coal mining, chemical, oil etc..

Working principle.

SJVC series SCR dynamic wattless compensation device adopts intelligent control, composed of intelligent controller, a bidirectional controllable silicon, a discharge resistor, capacitor, reactor, protective element. Power factorcontroller, real-time tracking measurement of no load current, compared withsetting a preset value, the dynamic control of capacitors with different number of groups, to ensure that the power factor always meet the set requirements.The whole measuring process completed in one period (time <20ms), the controller ensures that the thyristor zero contact, to ensure that the capacitorhas no impact, no inrush current, no transition process, both the dynamic fasttracks the variation of load, but also overcomes the defects of the traditionalnon hazardous reactive compensator which produces to the capacitor and inherent.

Main features:

Can realize the compensation on the spot, and centralized compensation;

A phase or phase dynamic compensation, which are suitable for symmetricload and asymmetric load or impact load, also can achieve capacity or unequal capacity compensation;

Real time tracking, automatic tracking changes of the dynamic compensation without work load without power, completed in 20ms acquisition, calculationand output control, capacitor switching, no shock, no inrush current, no transition process switching;

Dynamic harmonic suppression, safe and reliable operation;

Decrease the network loss and transformer loss, increase the transformer loadcapacity, voltage flicker mitigation;

The automatic launch outside fault or power failure, automatically reply to runafter power transmission;

Microcomputer control, intelligent switching mode, unattended, and has thefunction of serial communication, device configuration of multiple RS232 or 485interface, through the MODBUS protocol and other power automation device to realize the interconnection, can realize the data transmission of wireless meter reading device or GPRS module with;

To achieve zero current switching, maximum service life of capacitor;

For large capacity compensation, can take the main, auxiliary cabinetstructure.

The main technical indicators:

Applied voltage: 1000VAC and below, three-phase or single-phase

The maximum compensation capacity single cabinet: 405kVar

Sampling: wattless power compensation control

Dynamic response time: 20ms (contactless switch)

200ms (multi mechatronic)

Compensation action: intelligent queue + cyclic switching

Cabinet type: GGD GCS MNS standard cabinet

The use of the environment: indoor, ambient temperature range of -25 ℃~ +55 ℃


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