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Series integrated substation automation system
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Series integrated substation automation system

Series integrated substation automation system


JNPD-800 substation integrated automation system is the advantages of our company are summarized the domestic and foreign similar products, productswith the status quo and future development of the substation and to develop a new generation of series, including 110KV and below voltage level of transmission and distribution line protection, main equipment protection and measuring control system, provides the integrated automation of substation110KV and below the complete solution.

JNPD-800 series of protection and control device using the field of relay protection of the world's most advanced 32 bits CPU hardware platform,embedded RTOS system to build a powerful software platform, the embedded Ethernet TCP/IP protocol communication constructs the most reliable networksystem based on the fast. Application of modular logic programming technology to avoid human error, device, strong anti-interference ability is much higher than the national standard, can eliminate misoperation of relaysmay.

Main features:

(1) the substation automation complete solution

JNPD-800 products (Series) covers 110kV and below voltage level of transmission and distribution line protection, main equipment protection and measuring control system, and provides the voltage level of substation automation of the complete solution.

(2) rapid response system, the Ethernet balance

Unit equipment adopts 10M Dual Ethernet (Ethernet), network layer uses thecommunication mode of 100M Ethernet, at the same time unit adopts field bus CANBUS balanced communication efficiency, makes the JNPD-800 in all aspects of information collection, transmission, response than previousdistributed system has been a qualitative leap.

(3) thought open and flexible design

The definition of unit function by online programming mode, all of its unitintelligent input and output can be found in the field of flexible definition, fromall aspects of design of equipment to the monitoring system unit, JNPD-800 in addition to maintaining the integrity of its own, but also very stressed andconnected his intelligent equipment and interoperability and consideration the complexity of power system throughout the country, achieve universal. In thedesign of interface unit, in addition to the Ethernet communication interface,JNPD-800 also provides with the existing means of communication (RS-232,422/485, CANBUS field bus) design compatibility, which makes the substation automation design or modification of more selective, more flexible. In emphasizing the Ethernet communication network and a 103 communication protocol based on Ethernet media (application layer) at the same time,through the company's JNPD-881 series of various protocol conversion and communication equipment, it can complete the CANBUS, RS232/422/485,LONWORK and other domestic use at present most of these kinds ofcommunication modes are intelligent interface, the communication protocol can also use standard electric power industry DL/T 667-1999 (IEC 60870-5-103)or any manufacturing unit custom protocol. The system can realize the fully open to all equipment manufacturers.

(4) the humanized design concept

JNPD-800 series of products using the "free adjustment" concept design,some protection device is calculated using the intelligent, without user setting,hardware is universal, protection logic using database to store, according to the needs of different user menu selection, no need to modify the program."Plug and play" design method and the soft, hardware platform, and uses the full display / output interface operation interface and graphical, tabular form.Friendly reminder to the common errors in the operation of power system, theprocess of holographic reconstruction technology, debugging, so that users can use to provide the analysis software is very easy to read stored in the unitof information, and reproducing data and logic process equipment clearly.

(5) general platform for high performance reliable

To adapt to the development needs of the system, the core module of JNPD-800 important unit equipment using DSP and 32 bit MPU mode, the configuration of large capacity RAM and Flash Memory, and the reliability of a full range of design, thus improving the reliability of the equipment in the unitalso has strong data processing, logic and information storage ability. Do the product design in hardware, software is completely general.

Unit equipment versatility and inheritance is improved, and the maintenance ofthe use of products become more simple, reliable.

Unit is improved in performance analog-to-digital conversion circuit precision and dynamic range, the precision and stability of the measuring circuit. Dualchannel mode in the protection of data acquisition channels, improve thereliability of protection and control device.

Unit equipment can process complete information, and this information isstored in the Flash Memory, realize the holographic reconstruction, providesthe powerful safeguard for the operation and analysis system.

Embedded Ethernet technology used in unit equipment, has provided the safeguard for the communication network system with quick response, it willfundamentally improve the performance of the whole substation automation system.


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