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Amorphous alloy transformer
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Amorphous alloy transformer

Amorphous alloy transformer


    Amorphous alloy transformer is the response of consumption policy of national energy, new environmental protection launched timely according to the needs of the market of energy-saving products. SH15 amorphous alloy transformer core is rolled into a three-phase five pillar structure, so that the height of the transformer ratio of three-phase three column is low, core interface is rectangular, the lower iron yoke can be opened for coil suit. Magnetic materialcore using amorphous alloy with iron, boron and other elements as raw material, a special process with rapid cooling spray strip sheet, make thematerial arrangement of atoms present alloy disorder, because the softmagnetic properties of amorphous alloys have, the area of the hysteresis loopis very narrow, it only needs magnetizing power very small, so the transformermade of amorphous alloy material of the no-load loss is small. Low voltage winding in addition to small capacity with copper wire, the copper foil woundcylindrical structure, the high voltage winding adopts a multi-layer cylindrical structure, the distribution of ampere turns balance the windings of themagnetic flux leakage of small, high and low voltage coil winding wires togetherwith tension device, shaping and press fit technology, enhanced the ability of the strength and resistance to short circuit. The device body assembly, fuel tank structure, protecting device similar to full sealed oil immersed distribution transformer.

     Because of the special magnetic conduction function of amorphous alloymaterial, make the product technical performance indicators have reached the domestic leading level of similar products, can replace the silicon steel sheetcore transformer for distribution network system for outdoor or indoor. At the same time, because the product adopts fully sealed structure, the insulation oil and medium is not in contact with air, can be adapted to run any environmental condition, is the city and countryside distribution network distribution equipment ideal. Compared with the same capacity of S11 type transformer,no-load loss is only 30%. With the same capacity of transformer type S9contrast, no-load loss is decreased about 75%, the no-load current isdecreased by 80%. User cost can be greatly reduced, the social, economic benefits is excellent.

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