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Laminated core transformer
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Laminated core transformer


S13 design of a stacked iron core transformer dominant ideas than S11 to further optimize the design, improve the structure, reducing no-load loss,improve the product level.

                  • S13 full sealed oil immersed transformer coil with high strength enamelled wire (or paper covered wire winding), cylindrical (or bread) structure, uniform distribution of ampere turns, reasonable insulation structure, has high ability of anti short circuit.

                 • core adopts the high quality high grade oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, laminated form for round three joint laminated structure, improve thestructure of magnetic circuit.

                 • makes some improvement on the insulation structure, enlarge the application scope of high pressure cylinder type winding, varying the effective supporting high voltage and low voltage winding end

                 • adopts new hanging plate and wire clamping mode, and adopt some new material, new components and new fasteners and other products havereached a higher level in terms of performance and structure.

                 • S13 S11 transformer no-load loss dropped by an average of 30%, 5 - 10 dBnoise reduction (DB).

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